Manage your Online Business Smarter

Increase your efficiency by setting SMART goals
and closely monitor progress - daily, monthly, yearly -
directly on our mobile app

Tailored for Amazon & Shopify Sellers

Stay Focused

Our dashboard is lean and intuitive: We provide the most relevant sales metrics in real-time.

Goal Tracking

Successful businesses define SMART goals and track progress closely. Do the same directly in our mobile app.

Combined Analytics

Save time by tracking Shopify & Amazon sales data on one app. Scroll down to see how your stores are doing individually.

Critical Alerts

Get push notifications when a metric changes unexpectedly. Triggered by comparison to history.

Top Sellers

Compare your top selling items by revenue AND units.

Compare Periods

Compare your latest sales metrics to prior performance. 24 months of data available.

Coming Soon

Inventory Tracking

You are wondering about your inventory? We make sure you always have the appropriate stock on hand.

Sales Forecasting

Stay on top of your sales trends. We provide forecasting so you'll know if you can meet your goal , or need to step it.

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instantKPIs simplifies Your Day


"My vision is to simplify the lives of business owners - by making them aware of any relevant change in performance when it happens. instantKPIs ensures that  they get exactly the information they need to steer their business on the go. Right in their pocket. "

Kevin Wood
CEO and Founder
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