Frequently asked Questions

What is instantKPIs?

instantKPIs is a mobile sales analytics app that empowers Shopify & FBA brands to easily track their business on the go. The lean and easy-to-use dashboard keeps you focused on what matters most: Access real-time insights on your Shopify & FBA key sales data on one screen, set SMART goals and closely monitor progress - daily, weekly, monthly - to stimulate efficiency, get alerts to never miss unexpected performance changes, compare sales to former periods and more. 

Who can use instantKPIs?

instantKPIs is tailored for Shopify and Amazon FBA businesses that are located in the United States. Every store owner or manager can download the instantKPIs app on this mobile device. 






Where can I get instantKPIs?

Just download instantKPIs from the Apple App or Google Play Store: 
Go to App Store

What are the main benefits of instantKPIs?
  • Get a preset, lean and intuitive dashboard with the most relevant sales metrics in real time.
  • Become more successful by comparing sales against target - daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Save time by tracking Shopify & Amazon FBA sales data in one screen.
  • Get push notifications when a metric changes unexpectedly.
  • Compare top sellers by revenue AND number of items sold.
  • We compare your sales metrics to prior performance - 24 months of data available.
How much does instantKPIs cost?

instantKPIs is currently free. 

How does the setup of instantKPIs work?

The setup of instantKPIs takes only two minutes. Take your mobile and…

1. Download the app from the App Store: Download the instantKPIs app
2. Click on "Set up Data Connections”:  Enter your company name and time zone, submit.
3. Choose your integration “Shopify” or "Amazon FBA” and follow the instructions on screen: 
 a) Shopify integration: Copy link, then click on "find on shopify app store", then "add app”, then “install app”, then use the code copied  before and click, "link instantKPIs”.
 b) Amazon FBA integration: Sign into your Seller Central Account, then click "Confirm".
4. Congratulations! You are done. 

Attention: It might take up to 15 minutes after the initial data connection until you are able to access all data properly. 

Can I add team members to instantKPIs?

Yes, you can do that easily in the instantKPIs admin panel Link to the instantKPIs admin panel